As a reflection of rising socio-economic standard, better public health practices, and advances in therapeutic medicine, India is experiencing rapid population ageing trends similar to other countries in the world. Proportion of older people in our population will rise to 10% in 2020 from 8% in 2011. In next 30 years every fifth Indian will be aged sixty years or more. It is a matter of celebration that our people are surviving death in early childhood, during child birth, from epidemics of known and new infections, due to natural disasters, accidents and injuries of fast life; and above all the rising tide of non-communicable diseases. Epidemiological transition associated with demographic transition has impacted the functioning of health systems. Health professionals are called upon to manage complex medical problems within equally complex socioeconomic support systems. The search for the elixir of eternal youth is yet to be brewed while scientists looking at the mystery of the ageing process more confidently armed with technological advances. Societies, Governments and international agencies have accepted the need for creating an age friendly environment for this rising population. In these interesting times in human history; gerontology and geriatrics are disciplines of the day. The time is now ripe to visualize for the future and prepare for a rapidly evolving technological world platform.

We at All India institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi feel proud to host a joint congress of academics, students and practitioners geriatric medicine under the auspices the Indian Academy of Geriatrics (15th Annual Conference).

On behalf of the Organizing Committee I invite you to participate in GERICON 2017 and be a part of the great movement of building a society for all ages.

Dr. A. B. Dey
Chairman, Organizing Committee

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